8mm Film Transfer to DVD is All We Do!

8mm Film Transfer to DVD is All We Do!

8mm Film Transfer to DVD is All We Do!8mm Film Transfer to DVD is All We Do!8mm Film Transfer to DVD is All We Do!

Includes 3 Copies, Free Return Shipping

Greg Welch Productions Film Transfer

How It Works

Greg Welch Productions provides high quality 8mm movie film transfers to DVD-R. Established in 1987, we specialize in 8mm film transfers only, so that we can provide the greatest value. Simply download our order form (Form Downloads are FREE and Purchase is NOT Required) or email your US Mail address, and we will send you one. Complete the order form, number your items in the order that you want them to appear, and ship them to us. Payments accepted are Check or PayPal. (You can pay our PayPal invoice with a credit/debit card even without a PayPal account.) We will email you when we receive your films, and email you again when your order ships with a tracking #. Orders currently ship within 10 business days. (Sorry MONEY ORDERS NOT ACCEPTED)


Price List


DVD Menu

DVD_R Menu Example

DVD Menu Example

The On-Screen Menu has a thumbnail image for each Film Reel. You can navigate to any reel at any time. Reels are numbered in the order you give, or can include short titles if you purchase On-Screen titles.

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Editing Tips for VOB Files (pdf)


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I estimate how much film I have?

If all you have is the small 3 inch diameter reels, those are 50 feet each.  If you have (20) 50' reels, your subtotal for film transfer is 20 x $5.95 = $119.00.  If you have larger reels, look on the sides for footage marks.  Often the reels are marked at 200 and 400 foot lengths.  A 200 foot reel equals (4) 50 foot reels.  A 400 ft. reel equals (8) 50 foot reels. Our order form has a small chart that converts reel size to the number of 50 ft. reels. If the reel is not full, use the measurement across the film width instead of the actual reel. We will contact you if there is a discrepancy between your estimate and what we find.

Do I have to send blank DVD's?

No. We supply the DVD's, cases and labels to complete your order.

How do I order extra copies?

Simply enter the number of extra copies that you want on the order blank and multiply by $6.75 for each DVD set. If you have a large order (Orders with more than thirty five 50' reels), it may result in more than one volume.  But you still only pay $6.75 for an extra set.  So there is no need to calculate how many volumes you will have, when ordering extra copy sets. You may order copies at a later date as we now retain a digital copy. Remember that all orders come with a total of 3 sets of dvd's. Only order more if you need more than 3 sets.

What if I can't tell what is on the film?

If some of your film is so deteriorated that we cannot get any identifiable images, we will not include them in the transfer, however we must charge the same fee for the inspection time.  If you are worried that unknown film will be out of sequence, check it's box if it exists for the postmark date.  If you cannot determine an order for your reels, do not worry, some people have sent us over 80 reels and just asked us to transfer them in random order.  The memories are just as good.

Do you add music to the soundtrack?

We do not offer that service due to copyright laws.  However, if your films have soundtracks, they will also be transferred to the dvd.

What are "on-screen titles"?

You may want to divide you transfer project into sections, such as: birthdays, vacations. We can place a title screen before any particular element.  Just let us know where it goes, and what it should read. On-screen titles will appear on your television AND in the Menu listing on the DVD.

8mm Double 8 film before & after processing

My boxes are labeled "25ft Kodak Double 8". How do you price these?

When Kodak began selling Reg. 8mm film, they actually sold 16mm film in these  boxes in 25ft. lengths. Customers loaded the film into the camera, shot it, turned it over and shot on the other half of the film. During processing, the film was slit down the center,  glued together end-to-end, making a 50ft length. It was then returned to the customer in the original box. That's why it says "Double 8" on the box. It is priced as a 50 ft reel. In the image, the left side is film before processing (16mm), the right side is after processing (Reg. 8, or Double 8).

How many 50 ft. reels fit on a DVD?

Regular 8 about 30 reels. Super8 about 40 reels.  Regular 8mm converts run a little longer than Super8.  If you have more than will fit on a single DVD, we divide your films up and create a Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3...etc, no extra charge. Even if you order extra copies, you pay only $6.75 for the extra set (regardless of how many volumes there are). 

I ordered from you before, how do I get more copies of an old order?

Visit our Re-Order page for details

I'm in the Ohio area, can I drop off my films in person?

Sorry, we only accept mail orders.

Will my films be returned?

Yes! Everything will be returned, fully padded and insured up to the invoice amount. We generally ship Priority Mail through Stamps.Com, and email you the tracking # so that you can tell when it will arrive through the USPS website.

What format will the DVD be in?

The DVD will be in DVD-R NTSC, Region 1 for playback in the USA and Canada. The video files are MPEG2 with file extension .VOB.  They are editable with some video editing software. You may copy the DVD's onto your computer hard drive. See more on our downloadable "Editing Tips" page.

Is there a menu on the DVD?

The film transfer will be divided up so that there is an on-screen menu item for each reel, in the order that you specified on the reel or box side. 

What transfer process do you use and is there flicker?

The film is projected from a high quality projector through a front surface mirror into a professional 3CCD digital camera, directly connected to a DVD recorder. There is no flicker.

Do you have any customer feedback?


I received my DVD today. And, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best) 10 is not sufficient to describe my satisfaction. Your work is OUTSTANDING! 

Please feel free to use my email as a testimonial.

Thanks so much, Lou

Greg Welch Prod,

Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with my recent film 

transfer order. I know that the 8mm film that I sent was not good 

quality but the transfer was just as good, and maby even better than 

the original film. I was also pleased that it came back so soon. I 

have a lot more to get transfered later. The three copies were just 

right for myself and my two sons. It is unusual these days to get such 

good service as you provide.


Jack Chaplain...


I was so impressed with the quick turnaround you did on my Super 8 film to DVD project! I was able to get them to my siblings in time for Christmas, and we are all enjoying that stroll down memory lane. I will certainly use you again when I have the opportunity and recommend your service to others.

Thanks again,

Valerie Wright


Dear Greg,

I can't tell you enough how happy our family is with your transfer of the films onto DVDs. Our oldest daughter was totally surprised when she opened the package and she told us it was the best Christmas (we celebrated early) present she has ever received. Every detail was of the highest quality. And you made the whole process easy and satisfying.

Thank you!

Margit Beerli


 Hello! I got the videos today and watched it imeediately!!

Great job, and I will get the big reels ready and boxed up to send to you tomorrow!!!!

I am so pleased with your work, your price!! and your quickness!!! If I can give you a good report on something, let me know! Glad to give credit where credit is due. Nancy Jowers

 Thank you for the professional service I recently received from Greg Welch Productions.

From your excellent website that covered every possible question I might have, to the confirmation emails you sent for receipt of my film and return shipping details, you lived up to the highest standard of customer service. I am very glad that I entrusted my 50 -year-old 8 mm movies to you to transfer onto DVD's, and that your rates were reasonable for this service. We have enjoyed viewing them immensely.


Gail Gorton

Sarasota, Florida


 Dear Greg,

Today was Christmas in July!!!!! We received our Wenger Family Home Movies on DVD from you, and we are thrilled and delighted to have this priceless gift. My granddaughter and I watched Volume1 this evening. Thank you so very much for the excellent work you did for us and for the speed with which you returned our films and DVD Sets. It was an unbelievable surprise to find them on our porch in one week's time. I can never adequately thank you!!!! 

Most sincerely,

Linda Wenger

 Dear Sir,

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for my recent order. Your service and professionalism is outstanding.! I will certainly order from you again and, in addition, be an out-spoken advocate for your company to my relatives, friends, and colleagues.

It is simply wonderful to step back in time and enjoy the memories!!!

Russell Parsons Jr

We received the DVD'S tonight and we must tell you what an OUTSTANDING job you did with those old reels. We just finished watching the whole thing and the memories we had were priceless!! Thank you so much for the quality work and for getting them to us by Christmas. Our 3 daughters ( ages 35, 33, and 32) and their families will be so surprised and thrilled to watch them with us on Christmas Eve ( they think they were ruined in a basement flood years ago).

Thanks again and we will recommend your company to everyone......AAAAA++++++

Phil and Raven Weber


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